Friday, January 3, 2014

Isabel Marant for H&M: I Clicked, I Saw, I Conqeured

Seven weeks ago, I sat cross-legged on the couch in my townhouse, refreshing the open browser page on my laptop over and over and over. My next class was about to start in a building all the way across campus, but I hadn't even packed my backpack yet. Twenty-two minutes had transpired, yet I remained unable to access H&M's online stock of its freshly birthed Isabel Marant collaboration! I stood up begrudgingly, perching the laptop in the crook of my arm and proceeding to shuffle around the room gathering books whilst simultaneously clicking at the refresh button. This activity took great skill, agility, and finesse. Call me. 

FINALLY, at 12:24 p.m., laptop in one hand and The Complete Works of Christina Rossetti in the other, I gained entry. Although every magnificent piece in the collection lay before me on the screen, I could see that availability was already limited. So, I wasted no time. I knew what I wanted. Tempting as the chunky-knit sweaters and embroidered jackets were, I had edited my ideal purchase to two items months before after intensely perusing the collection's leaked look book: 

Isabel Marant for H&M top ($99) and skirt ($69.95)

A matching skirt and top. I decided on these two items after careful consideration. First of all, they promised significant versatility. I could wear the top on a super crazy raging night out (did I mention I go out? I am filled with the zest of my youth.) with jeans and boots or leather pants and flats, I could throw a white t-shirt or denim button down over the skirt for a casual summery lewk, or I could wear top and skirt together if I was in a pattern-loving mood and possibly wanted to trick passersby into thinking I was wearing a dress HAHAH YA PEASANTS. 

This NEARLY IDENTICAL skirt is from Isabel Marant √Čtoile's regular line and costs $435!!!!

Secondly, I have been a long-term admirer of this particular skirt silhouette, a recognizable signature of Marant's that usually costs a pretty penny (see: hundreds of dollars). This one was $69.95. I was psyched. Finally, I liked how neither skirt nor top looked cheap (some of the other items in the collection unfortunately did, in my opinion. But I think that is an inevitable hazard of designer collaborations that have to use materials of lesser quality in order to accommodate a significantly lower price line.) This skirt and top, however, appeared just as high-quality as stuff from Isabel Marant's actual runway collections. Plus I just really really thought they were cool and totally embodying of her spot-on bohemian aesthetic. The End. 

So when it came down to the actual purchasing, I was ready to go in a big way. I had to size up in both items thanks to the increasingly dwindling online stock, but I wasn't too concerned because a) I'd read that the collection actually ran small and b) I was already committed and thoroughly pumping with adrenaline. The die was cast. And so were my credit card digits.

Then it was done. And I was sprinting to class.

A few days later, my package arrived. I tried on the skirt and shirt together and eureka both things fit thank you sweet baby Jeez. Unfortunately I had to wait a month and a half until I visited my grandmother in the substantially warmer land unit of Florida to actually wear the damn things. Because they are made of oh-so-thin fabric wholly unsuited to chilly temps.


For their debut, I decided to don both items in tandem, and I am supremely in love. I will almost definitely be mixing and matching them into different outfits for the remainder my stay here. 

Also, in case you are interested, the ruffles on the skirt have the added benefit of making me feel like I am constantly en route to an old-timey saloon. Life could not be more charming.

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