Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mommy Coolest

It's high time I properly introduced you to the female who harbored me within her torso for nine and a half months and, in that extended period of time, transmitted to my brain and heart a deep affection for fashion via umbilical methods. 

Yes, it is largely to my maternal figure that I owe my affection for emotion-inducing-ly good articles of clothing, footwear, and accessories. Is that a cliché? In this case, I think not. Her vision is too original. Not every mom on the ol' block can successfully pull off a head-to-toe bubblegum pink ensemble one day and a Helmut Lang motorcycle jacket the next. Considering how often I find myself stumbling out the door in leggings and a button-down, it could be argued that my mother's dedicated rotation of supremely cool outfits is more blog-worthy than my own.

So when I saw her this morning dressed in one of her signature pattern-mixing-so-wrong-it's-actually-right-boho-chic-extravaganzas, I knew today was the day for a tasty debut. Doesn't she look like she walked straight out of an Anthropologie catalog, did a jig with Isabel Marant, and landed inside a Slim Aarons picture??? 

FYI, she is not shy, just trying to avoid awkward face shadows (a hazard of big hats) in the pictures. In fact, my mother is the opposite of shy. I submit as evidence her full outfit and also her propensity to break out in song whenever the mood strikes. 

In a subconscious effort (I think) to complement her lewk, I dressed myself entirely in shades of white and cream with a miniature punch of sorbet color courtesy of some silk beads I swiped from her dresser. I was pretty freaking excited to wear my super chunky new sweater from Australian brand The Cue for the first time, so that might have also played a role. 

It should be noted that later in the day I donned a straw fedora and thought I looked preettttttty freaking cool a.k.a. basically Jenna Lyons on vacation. I even sent out a mass snapchat selfie to my friends with a B.S. self-deprecating caption. Such was my enamor. However, in hindsight, I will admit that the fedora actually made me look more like a young-ish divorced mom from Berkeley who read Eat, Pray, Love twice and loves taking high-resolution photographs of nature.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my mom [+ me + our beads] as narrated by my innermost thoughts and feels. 

On a related note, here is a picture from the other night when she STRAIGHT UP COPIED MY POST-SHOWER LOOK: 

I guess inspiration works both ways. 

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  1. I can't get enough.

  2. Not on topic at all but
    OH MY GOD you got the anthro sweater I lusted after for months


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