Friday, March 28, 2014

One More Cheer for Winter White

Subtitle: Because it's Still Freaking Winter, Amirite?

Yup, still snow on the ground. But yesterday was actually kind of warm for like a minute. So I made the arduous trek into my backyard and took some blog pictures. It has been far too long since I've been able to do this, mainly because I am wimp and harbor healthy human fears of a) frostbite and b) getting up from the couch.

However, there's nothing like the impending termination of layering season to serve as a motivating factor for squeezing in my insulating outfits while I can.

Not to beat a dead unicorn, but I'm still very much hooked on winter whites. While sartorially interesting even on its own, white (and ecru and ivory and cream ya know) provides a quite literal canvas for getting dressed. I often start with a few of my favorite white pieces (lately: Uniqlo white jeans, enormous sweater by The Cue, and Theory leather jacket) and build from there.

This first outfit feels reminiscent of Serena Van Der Woodsen's mom when she was really into her "luxe neutrals" phase. Except a little less cashmere crewneck and a little more upscale ice age chieftain.

As a bonus snack for your eyeballs, it also features my most treasured new accessory: this orbiting pearl necklace. I am obssessed with it, partly because it resembles the chokers at Chanel's Spring 2014 show (except better), but also partly because it represents the continuation of my recent abiding delight in all things unexpectedly pearl-adorned.

The second outfit is my triumphant solution to the inevitability that white denim pants, when worn multiple times a week, can potentially get stale. So why not add a white denim skirt? Presto voila rebirth Merry Christmas.

I'm also really liking the combination of a sweatshirt and leather. I believe this pairing to be the yin and yang of sophisticated casualness. Much like sneakers and a tiara. Or garbage spritzed with perfume. Plus, this sweatshirt is exceedingly comfortable and I often wear it to bed. Efficiency.

P.S. I am wearing tall black boots with both outfits, in case you were hankering to know that information. 

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  1. Have you abandoned us??? -hodor (from game of thrones)

    1. No I am just LaZy!!!!!!!!!!! I will start posting again soon. To amuse you in the meantime, right now I'm sitting on my couch dressed like a dad at a barbecue.


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