Saturday, March 22, 2014

The 4 Shoes You Need This Spring

After spending 10 days in Florida only to return to a casual mid-March snowstorm in our nation's capitol, I had a hankering to sit down and type some words about spring footwear. You see, while I am eagerly awaiting spring temperatures and the ability to walk outside without contracting frost bite, warm weather attire does not excite me as much as its winter equivalent. That is the honest truth. I just really really like my layers and wooly plaid and turtlenecks and shearling vests. From a fashion standpoint, throwing on jean shorts and some deodorant is not as thrilling for me, and maybe it never will be. That being said, shoe options are actually way more fun in the spring and summer. I love my boots, but it gets pretty dull wearing them literally every single day for months on end simply because they are sensible and insulating and go with everything. My feet are bored.

Not only does warmer weather proffer numerous opportunities to bare toes, ankles, genetically pronounced insteps and the like, but it also allows us to indulge in our most impractical purchases (possibly involving an uncomfortably large chunk of change and/or white suede) without the danger of experiencing death-by-winter-slush.

Also, in relevant news, summer-ready shoes seem to be experiencing a bonafide renaissance of both creativity and reinterpretation. Tevas are cool again for Pete's sake!!! [ed note: every time I use that expression I think about the man who was Pete and wonder if he feels comfortable with millions of strangers delineating unexpected occurrences at his literal and figurative expense].

So to collectively channel in my excitement and yours in a productive direction, I have cultivated an edit of this season's spring shoe options. I managed to limit myself to four pairs, and I'm reasonably confident that this conclusive quartet will accommodate your each and every ambulatory need from now until next winter.

1) The pump
This leather floral creation by Givenchy wins for its spot-on embodiment of edgy femininity a.k.a. the failsafe formula for items that successfully transition from day to night. Wear them to the office with a white shirtdress perhaps, then rough them up for after-hours activities with dark, ripped-knee skinny jeans and either a sleeveless muscle tee or this top depending on your intended target level for flare. Not that I've thought this out or anything.

2) The mule
Heeled mules are in, people. There's no denying it. And personally I think mules are pretty nifty for a number of reasons, not only because they conjure images of an infertile donkey-horse hybrid, but also because their slip-on style makes for some mightily awesome casual comfort with a twist. I like this pair by Tibi on account of the fact that they could very easily take you straight from a canadian-tuxedo-mandating brunch hangout to a beachside soiree that most likely involves linen pants.

3) The white sneaker
This was by far the toughest category to narrow down. I'm honestly still torn over whether I should have included Nike Air Forces or a pair by Golden Goose. But I cannot deny the infinite appeal of Adidas by Stan Smith. In general, though, white sneakers are quite simply the bee's knees. They are comfortable, they go with everything, and they transform your body into a fresh weapon of human nostalgia harkening back to the days of middle school P.E. class. Or maybe that's just me. 

4) The flat sandal
I was tempted to take the plunge and recommend a pair of Birkenstocks for your warm weather walking pleasures, but I'm still too scared to commit. Ergo, I give you a slightly less gutsy but still decidedly normcore-reminiscent option: these slides by Ancient Greek Sandals. If you don't know this brand, get to know it. I basically want every single pair of sandals from its internet arsenal and that is not an exaggeration. 

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  1. Oh totally hearing you on the "my feet are bored" front - I'm tired of the old boots and I'm thinking roll on summer.

    And don't negate the Birkenstocks. They look quite harsh in the black but very edgy if you can pull it off (you can). Brown can be a bit earth mother but if in doubt, go with the white which I did - kills two trends in one go - the white footwear coupled with the flat sandal and that can't be a bad thing.

  2. White keds are the best they go with everythng I wear. I tried to wear vans they looks clunky with skirts.


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